Exploring Barcelona with Fujifilm

Two days before flying to Barcelona i still didn't prepare anything in terms of photography. Usually i prepare a photography route with places for interesting photographs, check the sun position for this ones,... For this trip i ran out of time, so minimum was to answer myself at least some questions:
- Which gear to take ?
- Which lenses ? Zoom or primes only ?
- Will i need a tripod ?
- ...
Gear was easy as it was clear that i will only take Fuji. I have just two cameras, it's the X-Pro2 and as a backup i took my X100s which i didn't use for a quite long time since i bought the X-Pro2.
When it comes to lenses it was not such easy. I wanted to travel as lightweight as possible trough the streets not carrying too much. I ended up with the XF35f2 and two zoom lenses, the XF10-24f4 and XF18-55f2.8-4. Thought longer about the XF23f1.4 and XF56f1.2, but then i decided to leave at home as the X100s is already equipped with a 23f2 lens and the XF56f1.2 is at least in terms of focal length covered by the kit zoom. Both are not that fast, but great.
For most of my photographs i usually don't need a tripod, but i definitely wanted to shoot also some sunsets and long exposures on the beach of Barcelona. To still stay lightweight i took only a mini tripod, hoping that it will be enough. Some additional ND filters and my camera bag was completed.
morning sport Barcelona Fujifilm X-Pro2 d26b73
morning sport in Barcelona
sunrise Barcelona Fujifilm X-Pro2 d26b73
enjoying sunrise
Barcelona Fujifilm X-Pro2 d26b73
Barcelona architecture Fujifilm X-Pro2 d26b73
Barcelona Fujifilm sunrise X-Pro2 d26b73
Barcelona Fujifilm street X-Pro2 d26b73
Barcelona X100s Fujifilm long exposure
Barcelona Fujifilm X-Pro2 beach sunrise monochrome blackandwhite d26b73

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