First two weeks with Fuji X100F

Its now two weeks ago, that i got my X100F and if i would summarize my impression in one sentence it would just be:"An absolutely amazing cam" !

Theoretically you can stop reading here, the cons i will mention do not change my opinion at all, still there are some.
Before i continue, here two other great reviews (Jonas Rask and Peter Poete) which helped me with my decision to get the "F" !
I started to read and get interested in the X100 Series some weeks/months before the X100S was introduced.
Even when the X100S was available i still was unsure if a cam without interchangeable lens and even without zoom would be the right gear for me. When i finally decided to get the X100S, shortly before ordering i started to doubt. Some users wrote that they sold it, to get first version, the X100, again. I still ordered and shortly after my X100S arrived, i felt in love with it, never regretting the investment of 1400 euro. It became my day to day gear i never wanted to miss again. Fujifilm introduced the X100T, but i was not really considering to buy it. Why should i have done ? The X100S worked like a charm and i didn't see any big advantage. This changed immediately when i first read on fujirumers that Fuji is presenting the X100F, i just call it "the F" ! I couldn't await to read the first reviews and to drop an order. Two weeks ago it was finally on stock in Vienna and i could hold it the first time in my hands.
I couldn't await the unboxing, so i did this immediately in my car. I prepared a fully charged battery from my X-Pro2 and after first time using the ON/OFF Switch i was already impressed by speed. The startup time was amazing fast. Don't forget, i was used  a X100S and comparing this two cams the speed from "the F" is out of this world.
You notice already,  there want be much criticism, therefore lets shorten this blogpost before you get bored and stop reading ;-)
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Exploring Barcelona with Fujifilm

Two days before flying to Barcelona i still didn't prepare anything in terms of photography. Usually i prepare a photography route with places for interesting photographs, check the sun position for this ones,... For this trip i ran out of time, so minimum was to answer myself at least some questions:
- Which gear to take ?
- Which lenses ? Zoom or primes only ?
- Will i need a tripod ?
- ...
Gear was easy as it was clear that i will only take Fuji. I have just two cameras, it's the X-Pro2 and as a backup i took my X100s which i didn't use for a quite long time since i bought the X-Pro2.
When it comes to lenses it was not such easy. I wanted to travel as lightweight as possible trough the streets not carrying too much. I ended up with the XF35f2 and two zoom lenses, the XF10-24f4 and XF18-55f2.8-4. Thought longer about the XF23f1.4 and XF56f1.2, but then i decided to leave at home as the X100s is already equipped with a 23f2 lens and the XF56f1.2 is at least in terms of focal length covered by the kit zoom. Both are not that fast, but great.
For most of my photographs i usually don't need a tripod, but i definitely wanted to shoot also some sunsets and long exposures on the beach of Barcelona. To still stay lightweight i took only a mini tripod, hoping that it will be enough. Some additional ND filters and my camera bag was completed.
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High- and Low Key Portrait with Fujifilm X-Pro2

I have been attending a workshop called "High- and Low Key Portrait". Its my first studio shooting and to be honest i didn't expect at all that its that much effort to set up the environment. A lot of different equipment was involved which i never used before and even didn't know what it is. Good, that all the other participants are already experienced photographers and have been able to handle all the staff like strobes, softboxes,...

Here some results of the shooting. Btw, it was the first time i used flash !


Gear: Fujifilm X-Pro2

Lense: Fujifilm XF56mmF1.2 

Studio: Robert Pichler

Model: Alina

Model: Adrian


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Fujifilm X70 close to the ground

As written in my previous post i bought the X70 mainly due to the tilt screen and being able to take photographs at ground level.


I found some minutes of free time and made a short photowalk to see how well its working and if its worth still keeping the X70 !?!?

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First minutes with the Fujifilm X70

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