First two weeks with Fuji X100F

Its now two weeks ago, that i got my X100F and if i would summarize my impression in one sentence it would just be:"An absolutely amazing cam" !

Theoretically you can stop reading here, the cons i will mention do not change my opinion at all, still there are some.
Before i continue, here two other great reviews (Jonas Rask and Peter Poete) which helped me with my decision to get the "F" !
I started to read and get interested in the X100 Series some weeks/months before the X100S was introduced.
Even when the X100S was available i still was unsure if a cam without interchangeable lens and even without zoom would be the right gear for me. When i finally decided to get the X100S, shortly before ordering i started to doubt. Some users wrote that they sold it, to get first version, the X100, again. I still ordered and shortly after my X100S arrived, i felt in love with it, never regretting the investment of 1400 euro. It became my day to day gear i never wanted to miss again. Fujifilm introduced the X100T, but i was not really considering to buy it. Why should i have done ? The X100S worked like a charm and i didn't see any big advantage. This changed immediately when i first read on fujirumers that Fuji is presenting the X100F, i just call it "the F" ! I couldn't await to read the first reviews and to drop an order. Two weeks ago it was finally on stock in Vienna and i could hold it the first time in my hands.
I couldn't await the unboxing, so i did this immediately in my car. I prepared a fully charged battery from my X-Pro2 and after first time using the ON/OFF Switch i was already impressed by speed. The startup time was amazing fast. Don't forget, i was used  a X100S and comparing this two cams the speed from "the F" is out of this world.
You notice already,  there want be much criticism, therefore lets shorten this blogpost before you get bored and stop reading ;-)


I will start with the cons:
  • weather sealing
One of the reasons i didn't buy the X100T. Its again not available and i really don't understand why. I cannot image that it would make "the F" bulkier, at least not much. Anyway, i noticed already with the X100S, that if i take care and its not heavy raining, there is no issue getting some rain drops on it. I will simply handle it the same way, hoping everything stays fine and Fujifilm one day comes up with a weather sealed X100....
  • "Q" Button
Its very well placed when you need it, but unfortunately its the same when you want to avoid its usage. Really a pain in the a...
I know that by pressing long the OK Button it can be locked, but thats not an acceptable solution for me. As soon as there is a thumb rest available i have to get one, i do not see any better or other solution :-(
  • RAW and digital teleconverter
No clue why its not implemented to work also when shooting RAW. Hope Fuji will come up with an firmware update. I don't see any technical restrictions, so please Fuji !!!
  • ....
Thats it, for the time being i don't have any other cons and hope it won't change !
Lets have a look on some the things i like most or see massively improved (the lot of technical improvements have already been mentioned tons of times, so i will skip them):
  • Speed
I mentioned it already above, but its not just the startup time, simply everything is very fast, especially the autofocus system, where i do not see any difference to my X-Pro2. Compared to the X100S there are lightyears in between.
  • Menu
I can setup and use "the F" in the same way i use my X-Pro2, which makes it much easier to switch between the two cams
  • Digital teleconverter
A feature i already know from the X70, with "the F" for me its now really usable, as the quality is still fine. Btw, i use it only with the first step, on the second one the quality drops more.
Last but nor least a tip for all who didn't get it till now:
  • "automatic" usage of TCL-X100 and WCL-X100
Check this video it works (no its not from me)!
I got both converters from my friend Oli. He was so friendly and made the work for me. Works perfectly !
Fujifilm X100F acros film simulation
the very first shot with "the F" (23mm f2 1/750)
rainy day shot with fujifilm x100f acros film simulation
rainy day (23mm f5.6 1/125)
fujifilm x100f with wcl-x100 acros film simulation
escalator (19mm f2 1/1000; shot with wcl-x100)
portrait with fujifilm x100f acros film simulation
portrait (23mm f2 1/13)
fujifilm x100f tcl-100 classic chrome
cool (33mm f2.8 1/550; shot with tcl-x100)
fujifilm x100f tcl-x100 acros film simulation
minimalism (33mm f4 1/2000; shot with tcl-x100)
fujifilm x100f
architecture I (23mm f8 1/200)
fujifilm x
architecture II (23mm f8 1/120)
fujifilm x100f
Skadi (23mm f2 1/80)

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Comments: 6
  • #1

    Gerhard (Sunday, 02 April 2017 16:34)

    Wie man sieht hast Du viel Freude mit Deiner Neuen ;) Das zeigen auch Deine Aufnahmen. Du entwickelst Deinen Stil sehr positiv weiter. Viel Spaß und immer Gut Licht.

  • #2

    Klaus (Sunday, 02 April 2017 17:02)

    Hallo Dragan,
    guter Bericht. Dem kann ich uneingeschränkt zustimmen.
    Habe auch ein update von 100S auf 100F durchgeführt und die Kamera ist mein absoluter Liebling. Durch den schnelleren Autofokus mag ich die F deutlich lieber als das Vor-Vorgänger Modell.
    Selbst die Pro2 bleibt deutlich öfter zu Hause. Trotz Lichtstarker Objektive zur Auswahl, aber vielleicht auch gerade deswegen.
    Bisher war ich immer mit RAW unterwegs. Durch die ARCOR Filmsimulation mit .jpg Einstellung, sind Fotos gleich in dem s/w wie ich es mag. Schön bei streetphotos und weniger Arbeit mit LR.
    Deine Fotos, wie immer TOP. Beim easy rider ist die Farbe schon zwingend notwendig. Wer hat schon das passende Outfit zur Fassade.
    Liebe Grüße aus Karlsruhe

  • #3

    ThomasM (Sunday, 02 April 2017 20:03)

    Das sind wieder wunderbare Fotos in deinen Händen gelungen. Die F ist halt immer dabei.
    Freue mich schon auf ein Wiedersehen.
    LG Thomas

  • #4

    Kevin Pilz (Wednesday, 05 April 2017 16:46)

    Hallo Dragan,

    erst einmal beglückwünsche ich Dich dazu, dass dein Blog bei genannt wird.
    Deine "F" review ist schön kurz und auf den Punkt gebracht.
    Ich wünsche Dir sehr viel Spaß mit der "F"!!

    Jetzt wird es für mich schwieriger der Begierde zu widerstehen ;-)

    Viele Grüße aus Ulm,

  • #5

    Dragan Dragoz (Friday, 07 April 2017 11:17)

    Nice to see, some excellent pics inside. Cheers


  • #6

    Marco (Friday, 16 February 2018 15:22)

    Agree with Dragan above, very nice pics! ;-)
    And the best cam is the one that is always at hand.
    I recently discovered Leica M and I'm so impressed. But I still have an X!
    To me the fixed lens has never been an issue; it forces to move and to have a more dynamic approach and I like it.
    Wish you all the best with your everyday tool, mate.